Upload files in Google Forms without login

Upload files in Google Forms without login


Collect files without login

Convert Google Forms file upload that required a google account into html upload and allow users to upload files without login

Enhance upload capabitlities

Effortlessly accept large files up . to 1GB and beyond, specify the max files per upload and enforce the file type restrictions

Free up your Drive space

Access uploaded files directly from cloud storage and free up storage space on your Google Drive for other documents

Google Drive Integration

Automatically rename the uploaded files and sync them to your Google Drive folder when the user submits the form

Secure file storage

Leverage the robust, reliable and secure file storage built on top of google clouds infrastructure to store uploaded files

Collaborate with users

Add collaborators to restrict access to specific user or enable public links to allow anyone with the link to access the files

Automate your workflow

Enable unlisted links for the uploaded files and easily intergrate using Apps script, Zapier or other Google Workspace addons

Easier for users

Allow users to drag and drop files on your desktop or easily snap a picture using their camera on their mobile to upload files

Customers love us

I really like using google forms. But, I needed something that looked a bit more professional and I stumbled across formfacade. It works great! Easy to use and include on my Wordpress site. It was also easy to download the information submitted through the form. This is absolutely one of the best apps I have ever used in terms of service and support.

Hands down one of the best add ons in Google Forms especially if you feel so limited in Google Forms. It has features like calculations - which is perfect for automating your processes. It also makes your form look minimalistic compared to the bulky design of Google Forms.

This is an amazing add-on. It provides another level of control of the look and functionality of your Google Form. The product is well thought out and easy to use. The support is great! Fast answers that went above and beyond.

An extra 5 minutes of work to incorporate my Google Forms into my website and present a more unified brand look, that is extremely valuable.

I really enjoy using Google Form as a tool to do my job, but appearance is not its best part. Formfacade helped me embed it in my website and make it look more professional.

We were using Google Forms for almost 2 years, but when we found Formfacade we immediately switched to Formfacade for its aesthetics and possibility of form customization in greater detail. It enhances the customers’ perception of your website and your brand.

From startups to corporates.
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Upload Files In Google Forms Without Sign in