How to add response validation to a question in Google Forms?

You can add response validation to restrict the answers that users can enter for a question. To add a response validation, select a question in Google Forms, click on ⋮ More icon and select show Response validation. The response validations that you can add varies by question type.

Add response validation to a question

  • Select a question in Google Forms
  • Click on ⋮ More icon
  • Select show Response validation
  • Add the required response validation

In the example below, we are adding an email address response validation for a short answer question. This validation will check if the users are entering a valid email address format.

Response validation by question types

Short answer: You can use this question to collect names, email addresses, phone numbers, website url & more. You can set rules to get the answers you need.

Length & Text validations
Number validations

Paragraph: You can use this question to allow users to write long answers with one or more paragraphs. By default, this does not have any character or word limit, but you can use the response validation option to limit responses to specified number of characters or words.

Length & Regular expression validations

Checkboxes: You can use this question to allow users to select multiple answers from the available choices. You can add a response validation to limit the number of answer choices that users can select in a checkbox question. You can make users select at least a certain number of answers, exactly select the specified number of answers or select at most a certain number of answers.

Select at least, Select at most, Select exactly validations