Install Formfacade on your Individual Account

Install Formfacade

Formfacade is an add-on for Google Forms. You can embed your form without IFrame and make it look like your website with matching styles and brand.

Click the following button to install Formfacade:

Or simply open a Google Forms. Then follow these steps:

1. Open the add-ons menu from your Google Forms.

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2. Type 'Formfacade' in the search bar.

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3. Click on the button Install to install the add-on.

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4. Accept the authorizations.

After installing Formfacade, a pop-up appears on your Google Form. If you Google Form is ready for embed you can click on "Proceed" to get a embed ready code to add it to your website. Yes! You can "truly" embed Google Form anywhere with Formfacade. Happy embedding!

Or, if you need further customization to your Google Form click on "Customize". Make your form look like your website!