How to organize and manage form responses?

How to organize and manage form responses?

You have created a Google Form, used Formfacade to customize it and shared it with your users to collect responses. What's next?

How to organize and manage form responses?

Formfacade notification emails

You will receive a daily notification email that summarizes the form activity. You can see the list of users who submitted the form, and also those who started filling the form, but abandoned it midway.
You can click on the "more" link in the daily notification email to view individual form responses. For example, you can click on the "more" link (#8) to see who abandoned the form and where!
You can also use the "Click here" link in the daily notification email to view all the responses. You will see a list of all the responses submitted by your users. You can click on any response to view the detailed form response.
Tip: Move your Formfacade notification email to Primary folder and stay on top of your form responses!

Managing responses

Once you have the form setup and your users begin to fill it out, you can view and organize their responses into folders. When your users fill the form, their responses will be organized into "Drafts" and "Submitted" folders by default. You can review these responses and create your own folders to organize them, or use the default folders automatically created for your form.

Use default folders

Not all form responses filled by the users are valid. You can review the responses and move such redundant/spam responses to the "Archive" folder.    You can also use the default "Approve" folder to organize your form responses.
Once I created my event registration form, I tested it to make sure that the form works as expected. I don't want this test data to be shown along with actual signups. I can move this to the Archive folder as show below.

Create your own folders

You can create additional folders to prioritize & organize the responses. Let's say, a user who signed up for the event sends an email to cancel his invite. You can create a new folder "Cancelled" and move any cancellations to this folder.
Open the form response > Scroll down to add a comment > Click on "Send to" > Select "New Folder".
Enter the name of the new folder "Cancelled" and click on 'OK" button. Click on "Submit" button to move this response to the "Cancelled" folder.
The new folder "Cancelled" will be added to the default folders as shown below. You can click on "Cancelled" to view the recently moved response.
Similarly you can create a new folder to check-in attendees on the day of the event by moving the responses from "Submitted" to "Check-in" folder.
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