Likert scale

Likert scale questions can be used to measure people's attitudes and opinions to any statement or topic. You can create a Likert scale question using multiple choice or multiple choice grid questions. Here's an example below.

Extremely satisfied Somewhat satisfied Neutral Somewhat dissatisfied Extremely dissatisfied
Product selection
Product price
Packaging quality
Delivery experience
Customer service

How to create a Likert scale question?

Google forms does not have a separate question type for Likert scale. You can use a multiple choice grid with require a response each option enabled to create a Likert scale question.

  • Click on the add question icon
  • Select Multiple choice grid question
  • Add statements or questions in Rows
  • Add Likert scale as answer choices in Columns
  • Enable Require a response in each row toggle button as shown below

You can also use a multiple choice question with Likert scale as answer choices.

  • Click on the add question icon
  • Select Multiple choice question
  • Enter the answer choices in Add option
  • Enable Required toggle button to make this a mandatory question as shown below