Dropdown question allows users to select an answer from a [long] list of options. This is similar to a multiple choice question that allows users to select only one answer from the available choices.

How to create a dropdown list?

  • Click on the add question icon
  • Select Dropdown question
  • Enter the answer choices in Add option
  • Enable Required toggle button to make this a mandatory question as shown below


Instead of manually adding each choice, you can copy the answer choices from a spreadsheet (or other systems) and paste it into the first answer option.

Dropdown Vs Multiple choice questions

Dropdown and multiple choice question allows users to select an answer from a list of predefined answer choices. How do we decide whether to use dropdown question type or multiple choice question type?

If you would like all the answer options to be permanently visible to the users, use multiple choice questions. Your users can easily read, compare and make their selection. You can even add images to each of these options. Additionally, Multiple choice question type lets you provide "other" option so that users can add their own answer.

If you have a long list of choices, use the Dropdown question type. It will not take too much space on the form or overload user with a lot of information that is not necessary. Formfacade makes this experience even better by converting a dropdown list into a search box if the number of choices exceeds 1000. This way users don't have to go through the hassle of scrolling through a long list of choices!