How to add a simple calculated field to a google form?

Add a short answer question in your Google Form and use our add-on to write the expression to dynamically calculate the value for this short answer question.

Google Forms does not support dynamic calculations, but you can use Formfacade for calculating and displaying calculated values in your form. For example, you can calculate the total amount in order form based on the price and order quantity entered by the user.

How to access and use form fields?

Formfacade supports standard javascript string literals (template literals) so that you can use form fields in description or other text fields to show dynamic text, use it to write expression to dynamically calculate the value & more. The standard syntax is ${...}. You can write any expression inside ${ } to do calculations.

How to show dynamic text using form data?

How to do simple calculations using form data?

Let's calculate the total amount by multiplying order quantity & price form fields.

Google Forms stores all answers as string. So we must use the num() function to convert it into number to perform arithmetic operations. Example: num(entry##########) where entry########## is the field id.

The expression for calculating the total amount will be num(entry2019461239)*num(entry1146785725). This expression must be entered inside ${ } as shown below.