How to Create a Google Order Form

How to Create a Google Order Form

Here is how you can create a Google Order Form with order confirmation & totals for your customers.

Step 1. Create an online order form using Google Form. Or use this template to get started.

Step 2. Install Formfacade add-on from GSuite Marketplace, to customize your Google Forms

Step 3. Add calculations to your form to show Order Summary and Total using Formfacade add-on

Step 4: Share it with your users and start receiving your orders on your Google Form.

Read on the step-by-step article below to know how to create your Google Order Form from scratch.

Step 1: Create an online order form using Google Form

1. Create a new Google Form
2. Start by adding the products/items that are available for sale, with their names as questions in Google Forms.
For example, "White Mushrooms 250g pack".
3. (Optional) Add images of your products.
4. Add a dropdown to let your customers choose how many packets or kilos they want.
5. Add their prices in the question's description. Remember there are some specific conventions (syntax) to to let Formfacade know the currency that your currency and the prices, so it will use the it for calculations:
---Add the price with the currency symbol followed by the amount.
---Leave a space and add extra details like whether the price is for a pack or per kilo.
Here, I went ahead and added all the items to the form, with nice images and their prices.

Add delivery details
6. Add more questions to the form to ask the customers delivery details, like their name, phone number and address.
Add Order Total and Order Summary
7. Add two questions to the Google Forms - Total amount and Order summary. You can use Formfacade add-on later to add calculation logic to these fields.
Now, your form will look complete.

Step 2: Install Formfacade add-on and link the Google Form with your Whatsapp

Install Formfacade from GSuite Marketplace:
1. Click on three dots on the top right of your Google Form.
2. Click on "Add-ons" from the menu.
3. It opens up a list of GSuite Marketplace apps. On the "Search apps" bar type "Formfacade".
4. Click on the thumbnail of Formfacade app and follow the install and authorization steps to get it added to your Google Form
5. On the Google Form, click on the Formfacade add-on from the add-on menu.

6. Click on "Configure WhatsApp Number". You need to configure your WhatsApp number that you want to receive your orders on. Make sure to enter it with your country code starting with a plus. The format should be
+<> <>
For example: +1 650 699 6650

Step 3: Add calculations to your form to show Order Summary and Total using WhatsTarget add-on

As the next step, I will now add the calculation logic to these forms.
1. Click on the Formfacade add-on from the add-on menu.
2. Click on "Customize this form".
3. On the popup, click on "Proceed".
4. Your form will now be opened in WhatsTarget's app in an editable mode for further customizations.
5. Scroll down to reach the two questions you have added for showing calculations - Order summary and Total Amount.

6. Click on the gear icon next to Order summary field
7. It opens up a side bar window with options to customize the question and the description.
8. In the description, use WhatsTarget's custom function called "SUMMARY" ("$",true) There are two parameters to this function, one to specify which currency you use in the prices of my products. and the second one for whether you want to add a summary of the order across all the sections.
If you have used € in your prices, your formula should be SUMMARY("€",true)
If you have used ₹ in your prices, your formula should be SUMMARY("₹",true)
9. Finally, enclose the formula within "$" symbol and curly braces to let WhatsTarget know that it is a calculated field. So, the final formula will look like ${SUMMARY("$",true)}
Now, this will give you a consolidated summary of all the product selections and its quantity from across all the sections of the form.
10. Save and return back to WhatsTarget's customization screen.

1. Click on the gear icon next to "Total amount" field.
2. Click on the "Answer" tab.
3. On the "Calculate" option, use WhatsTarget's custom formula named "AMOUNT" (in all caps). Again, with two parameters, first to say which currency you use, and then "whether to add up the total of all the selections across all sections,. Enclose it within ${} to let WhatsTarget know that it is a calculation formula. So, the final formula will look like ${AMOUNT("$",true)}

You are now done with the formulas. You can now check how it works!

1. Switch from edit mode to preview mode by clicking on the "Share" option on the top of the Formfacade's app.
2. Click on the little icon about the link to open up the link of this customized form.
3. Your original Google Form will be rendered into a neat looking form. You can now select the products and change the quantity to see how the calculation of Order Summary and Total Amount field works.
4. You can see that these two fields are dynamically changing as you change my order quantity. Works like a charm. Isn't it?

Share your Google Order Form with your customers

Congratulations on making your Google order form complete and functional. Get a link of this form by clicking on "Share this form with users" from the Formfacade's add-on menu on your Google Form. Now you are more than ever ready to take orders from your customers. Your customers are going to find it easy to send their orders to you! Happy ordering!