How to create a quiz in Google Forms and calculate the score based on answers?

You can assign point values to questions in Google Forms by creating a quiz. You have the option to show the missed questions, correct answers and point values to the respondents after they complete the quiz.

Google Forms is ideally suited for creating tests and quizzes. It is difficult to implement lead scoring in an inquiry form, create assessments for research studies, business scorecards & other use cases due to the following limitations.

1. You cannot assign different points to each answer in a multiple choice question.
2. You cannot spread the points across different answers in a checkbox question.
3. You cannot calculate section level scores in Google Forms.
4. You cannot assign points with decimals such as 0.5, 1.5 etc.
5. You cannot customize the confirmation message based on the score.

You can use Google Forms to calculate the data and then add the formulas is Google Sheets for calculating scores, but the results cannot be shown to the user in real-time. There is a more simple and efficient way to calculate scores using Formfacade addon for Google Forms. You can check out the help articles here.

How to create a quiz in Google Forms?

Step 1:  In Google Forms, click on the Settings gear icon.
Step 2: Select "Quizzes" tab, enable "Make this a quiz" option and click Save.
Step 3: To assign points, select the question and click on "Answer key".
Step 4: Choose the answer or answers that are correct, enter the points for this question and then click on the Done button. You can also add explanation using "Add answer feedback" option.
Step 5: You can assign points and add feedback on all question types. The assigned points will be shown in the bottom left corner of the question.
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