How to assign points for likert scale question?

You can assign different points for the answer choices in the multiple choice question and calculate the score.

Let's create a simple form to collect feedback on ordering experience. We will use a multiple choice question with a 5 point likert scale to measure customer satisfaction.

Extremely satisfied = 5
Somewhat satisfied = 4
Neutral = 3
Somewhat dissatisfied = 2
Extremely dissatisfied = 1

How to assign points and calculate scores using Scorecery?

Pre-requisite: You must have installed the Scorecery add-on for Google Forms. If you haven't installed the add-on yet, you can install it from Google Workspace Marketplace using this link.

Step 1:  Open your form in Google Forms. Click on the addon icon and click Scorecery.
Step 2: Scorecery popup menu will be displayed. Click Configure score.
Step 3: Configure score setup wizard will be displayed. Click Next to proceed to the next step.
Step 4: Enable the option to record the score in Google Forms, show it in the confirmation message and click Next.
Step 5: Click on the link to open the edit page for assigning points.
Step 6: In the Edit page, click on the gear icon next to the question.
Step 7: Question settings page will be displayed. Click Answer. Assign points for the different answer choices and click Save.
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