How to view and download uploaded files?

When a user uploads a file and submits the form, the url of the uploaded file is recorded as a response for the converted short answer in Google Forms, the linked Google Sheets and Formfacade task page. The files are hosted on our servers. You can access the uploaded files using that link.

Google Forms

Open your Google Forms > Select Responses > Select Individual tab >  View the form response > Copy the url > Paste this url in a new tab to view the uploaded file.

Google Sheets

If you have linked your Google Forms with Google Sheets, the form responses will be synced to Google Sheets. You can click on the link to view the uploaded file. If you have enabled multiple file upload for a question, the response will be a list of urls separated by comma.

Formfacade task page

Open your task page > Select SUBMITTED > Choose a response > Click on the link to view the file.
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