Sell & follow-up with your customers on WhatsApp

WhatsTarget converts your Google Forms into WhatsApp order form in one click. Your users can submit their form response to your WhatsApp number. You can reply to that WhatsApp message and close the sale with your personal touch.
It updates the user responses in Google Forms. If you have linked it with Google Sheets, it will update Google Sheets as well. Manage your orders conveniently with G Suite.
WhatsTarget automatically creates a branded microsite that you can share with your users. Your users can fill up the form through that site and submit to WhatsApp.
You can calculate order value, shipping fee and discount. Make your forms more functional with calculated fields, hidden fields & placeholders.
Customize Google Forms to look like your website. Gain users' trust by replacing Google branding with your own branding.

Ease of Google Forms. Personal touch of WhatsApp.