How can I redirect the respondent to different pages based on form response?

Formfacade add-on supports conditional logic to redirect users to different pages depending on their form response.

In the example form (see GIF below), a user can select one of the following four options for the multiple-choice question.
o Yes, works well
o Yes, will write a 5-star review
o No, need your help
o No, does not meet my needs

If the user selects "Yes, works well", the user is redirected to customer satisfaction survey form
If the user selects "Yes, will write a 5-star review", the user is redirected to the G Suite marketplace
If the user selects "No, need your help, the user is redirected to the support page
If the user selects "No, does not meet my needs", the user is redirected to the roadmap page

How to redirect users to different urls after submission?

Pre-requisite: You must have installed the Formfacade add-on for Google Forms. If you haven't installed the add-on yet, you can install it from G Suite marketplace using this link.

Using conditional logic

There are two ways to write conditional logic in Formfacade.
#1. For developers: Use javascript if/else statement
#2. For Google Sheets users: Use IFS function

For details, refer this help article.

We will use the IFS function to redirect users to different urls based on different conditions. The IFS function evaluates multiple conditions and returns a value that corresponds to the first true condition. The syntax for IFS function is

IFS( condition1, url1, [condition2, url2, …] )

condition1 - The first condition to be evaluated.
url1 - The url to be redirected if condition1 is TRUE
condition2, url2, ... - Optional additional conditions and urls if the first one is evaluated to be false.

When you enter @, you will see the list of all the fields in the form. Select the required form field. Use this id to write conditions. In our example, the id is enter566143332.

We must redirect to four different urls based on four option choices. The IFS function for this would be as follows.

IFS(entry566143332=="Yes, works well","",
entry566143332=="Yes, will write a 5-star review","",
entry566143332=="No, need your help","",
entry566143332=="No, does not meet my needs","")