2023-2024 Morris Winchevsky Sunday School - Registration

Welcome to the 2023/2023 Morris Winchevsky Sunday School Registration. The Morris Winchevsky Sunday School is Toronto’s secular Jewish shule, focused on social justice.​Offering a range of programs for pre-school all the way to B’Mitzvah* groups, our shule focuses on experiential education, immersing our students in an environment where they get to learn, play, and experiment with secular Jewishness and social justice practices.

**From our Executive Director, Sarena:**

I want to first congratulate Lia, the teachers, the TAs, our Shule assistant, all students, B’Mitzvah grads and parents, on such a successful Shule year last year. Lia’s brilliant curriculum continues to get revised, refined, and reinterpreted, as our teachers roll out vibrant and experiential lesson plans in a radical Jewish social-justice context. This context comes from our broader vision and mandate developed by the United Jewish People’s Order (UJPO). Our Shule is supported and sponsored by UJPO, and our hope for next year is to better integrate MWS with our UJPO community and events, and UJPO into our MWS accomplishments and holiday parties.

**New Tuition Fee Structure**

We have developed the opportunity for families to become members of UJPO and receive a 15% discount on tuition (up to a $300 discount), which results in an almost equivalent price per family. By becoming a member, you are directly supporting the existence of UJPO, which ensures the continuation of the Shule, Camp Naivelt, and our solidarity work. Next year, we will continue to offer member and non-member pricing. For a complete list of member benefits, please visit here: (https://www.winchevskycentre.org/membership) To become a member, fill out our online membership form: https://tinyurl.com/UJPOMembershipForm, and someone from our membership committee will reach out to welcome you. If anyone has any questions about this change or process, please contact me at ed@winchevskycentre.org

**How to register for 2023/2024**

- Become a member! Fill out an UJPO membership application

- Register your kids - You are here, please continue

- Get involved! Become a SAC member, youth group member or volunteer!

We are pleased to welcome you back to MWS this new year. We also hope to see you at our upcoming high holiday events. You will soon be able to find more information on our holiday events on our website and on our social media platforms. And to our families who are new to MWS, we’re so glad you found us! Please reach out to any one of us if you have any questions.

See you in September, 2023, if not before, Sarena - Executive Director