Intel® Connectivity Research Program User Application

Intel® Connectivity Research Program is a web portal where Intel provides research and academic programs access to Intel network technology.  It is also a community based forum where users can share ideas and assist each other.

If you are interested in joining Intel® Connectivity Academy, please read the program details at and fill out the application on this form.

If you have any questions please send an email to

You need to get the Group ID from your research chair (the head of your research group)


Your email domain must either match the research chair's email domain or the alternative one specified by research chair.  Only official institutional email domains should be used.
If you are a student, enter the expected graduation date (up to 4 years from now). If you are a permanent team member (professor/assistant professor/research staff), enter the date which is 4 years from now.
Intel® Connectivity Research Program may use Github for file sharing in the future.  If you have a Github handle, please let us know so that we can enable access when this feature becomes available.