Submit Your Application

Submit Your Application

The Billboard 500 Club is a combination of self directed, guided, group, and one on one learning. The majority of your learning is done online via your phone, computer, and from your home studio. We also place a heavy emphasis on you to learn by doing because music is a hands-on, task-oriented creation process.

We focus on helping artists, songwriters, and producers who want to become a master in one of those areas or become a 100 Percenter (expert in all 3) so they can make a positive impact on people all around the world with their music.

We deeply understand the different paths you can take to achieve your goals as a musician so you have a full time, long term, successful career in the music industry. In order for you to do that, there are a few things you’ll need:

  1. Become a professional musicians whose music is high quality, competitive with what’s currently #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, and sounds radio quality ready.

  2. Have a high quantity of songs in your catalog with a large majority of them perfect for sync licensing so you’re able to make a long term income for you and your family without having to book expensive tours.

  3. Have high level collaborations and networking amongst other musicians just like you also striving for the top 1% of the music industry.

  4. Have strategic ownership of your master and publishing rights so you have full creative and business control.

  5. Have high level mentorship and actional feedback to improve your music from award-winning, Grammy, and hit songwriters, producers, mixers, and vocal coaches.

  6. Have diverse relationship opportunities among executives in tv, film, commercials, trailers, video games, labels, A&R, publishing and advertising.

  7. Have a business structure and investment strategy so you know exactly when, where, and why to invest your time, money, and resources.

The Billboard 500 Club is here to help you with these steps.

👉An average music college tuition is 20k per year. Our mentors are all on the Billboard charts, award winning, or executives in the top 1% of the music industry. We are affordable because we don't want you to go into debt while still being able to pay our mentors for their expertise, knowledge, and network. By submitting an application, you fully understand, are willing, and able to invest in your music career for less than a cup of coffee per day.

👉 The Billboard 500 Club is a monthly paid subscription with 3 package options ($99.99/month, $149.99/month and $199.99/month) and you can cancel at any time. PLEASE DO NOT APPLY IF YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T AFFORD THE MONTHLY INVESTMENT

👉 Please DO NOT submit more than one application.

👉 Due to high demand, it can take UP TO A WEEK FOR US TO REVIEW YOUR APPLICATION. Please be patient. You will receive email updates about your application status from HELLO@THEBILLBOARD500.COM

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