2024 Spring Garden Expansion Application

2024 Spring Garden Expansion Application

Seed St. Louis’ Vision and Mission

We envision a St. Louis Region with equitable access to fresh healthy food.

We pursue this vision by empowering people and communities to grow food.


Seed St. Louis charges in-network projects 25% of the material and tool cost and 10% of the cost for soil and compost. We will NOT be charging for any staff time that is involved in meeting, consultation, design, transportation, installation, prebuilding any infrastructure, or labor. There is also no continuing cost or membership cost of any kind required for this process. For example- if you were to request an 8ft long raised bed with soil, it costs Seed St. Louis $44 in materials and $105 in soil, we will charge you $22. The prices in the tables are discounted prices. Do note that the prices for raised beds are based on estimated soil amounts and current lumber prices needed for each bed. The price may change by a few dollars up or down.


Cost should not prevent a group from pursuing an expansion opportunity. We have funding for a limited number of scholarships to reduce the costs by an additional 50% or 90% based on need. Once the final plan is agreed upon you can then apply for a scholarship by emailing or calling Lucy to request a scholarship application. (contact information below).


Applicants must be an established Seed St. Louis network community or youth gardens that have NOT received a garden grant within the past calendar year. For example if you received an grant in 2014, you will be eligible for a grant in 2015.  A map of network gardens can be found in the link below:



To be considered for the expansion award you must upload all the items bulleted below.


◻ This completed application, including the updated garden membership list included in the application

◻ For infrastructure requests (raised beds, picnic tables, benches, etc.) there must be a sketch or map of the garden showing existing infrastructure and where requested infrastructure will go.

◻ A current lease or land use agreement, or letter of support from the land owner.

Expansion Grants are processed, coordinated, and scheduled as they are submitted.

APPLICATIONS ARE DUE BY 11:59 pm, Sunday, February 4, 2024 Questions? Email or call Lucy at garden@seedstl.org or (314) 588-9600 x103