theITSupportCenter Marketing and Sales Representative Application

theITSupportCenter Marketing and Sales Representative Application

Please complete the following:

If selected for a phone interview, what phone number would you like us to call? (Format: 555-555-5555)
(e.g. CareerBuilder, Craigslist, LinkedIn, etc.)
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Instructions to submit the audio recording:
  1. Go to (you may have to enable Adobe Flash in your browser)
  2. Press the red microphone to record (click allow if you get a message asking for access to your camera and microphone)
  3. Record your response
  4. Press the Stop Button when you are done recording
  5. Press the Play Button to review and the red Retry Button if you are unsatisfied with the recording
  6. Once you are happy with the recording, use the “Save & Share” button to generate a link
  7. Copy the link to your recording in the field below
Format of pdf, doc, or docx

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NEXT STEPS:  please see the instructions that appear after clicking "submit" for next steps in our process

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