ESG evaluation form

Do your investments reflect who you are ? First Sentinel Wealth is committed to acting in our clients’ best interests consistent with our fiduciary duty, regulatory requirements and client objectives. As an independent advisory, we work with a number of Investment Managers that offer ESG portfolio’s that not only seek to meet financial objectives, but also our clients desire for sustainable outcomes through our sustainable investing solutions. ESG investing is not about having to choose between performance and doing the right thing, but about improving returns by incorporating environment and social factors into the investment process. However, if you are an ESG investor and wish to have a portfolio that reflects this, then you must be prepared to limit your investments choices as certain industries, some of which can be highly profitable, will be excluded. Also with companies and funds beginning to report on their social and environmental contribution, it’s getting easier to see how you’re making a difference. We highly recommend you receive personalised financial advice when structuring an ESG portfolio. As a starting point, please take this survey to find out if you have a preference towards sustainable investments. By entering your details below, you are giving us consent to contact you to discuss your financial planning. We will handle your data inline with our privacy policy.