Nexus Visas, Schengen Visa Appointment Request

By completing this form you give us permission to use your details to try and secure a visa appointment for you. URGENT NEW INFORMATION: TLS has introduced an appointment booking fee. The fee is £36.00 per applicant and will be payable upon receipt of appointment confirmation from Nexus Visas. If payment is not made, the appointment will be automatically cancelled by TLS. This fee will be deducted from the total amount payable. To enable us to book your appointment for a Visa please complete this form: 1. Make sure the information is exactly as per your passport. 2. Incorrect information will delay your application. 3.. Click "submit" to send this form back to Nexus Visas If you are travelling to more than 1 country in this trip, You must apply for your schengen visa from the country where you will be spending the most nights.