Oppose SB208 & SB209 - House Elections Committee

Use the form below to email the House Elections Committee members and urge them to Vote No on these unnecessary voting restrictions! 

SB208, as amended, would ban all remote ballot boxes in the state of Kansas. Voting by dropping your ballot off at a remote ballot drop box is secure, and research shows that there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. 

SB209 would abolish the current 3-day voter protection/grace period for returning mail ballots. Due to no fault of their own, thousands of Kansans' eligible votes would be thrown for no reason. Please urge lawmakers to ensure that ever vote is counted and every voice is heard by voting NO on SB 209. The House Elections Committee is voting on SB 209 tomorrow, Tuesday, March 14th.

Both bills have received hearings in the House Elections Committee. The committee will be voting on SB209 tomorrow (3/14/23) and expected to take action on SB208 later this week. If these bills are voted out of committee they will head to the House floor where final action will be taken. If passed, they will end up on the governor's desk to be vetoed or signed into law. 

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Chair Proctor and Members of the Committee:

I strongly oppose SB209.

This bill does nothing but disenfranchise voters -- specifically those who rely on a system of advanced mail ballots that this state has been successfully implementing for years. If SB209 become law, the Kansas Legislature would be going back on their promise to all Kansans to do everything possible to make every vote count. This is simply the wrong message for Kansans, and for our democracy.

Kansans deserve the right to cast their ballots safely without unnecessary state government interference. SB209 is a "solution" in search of a problem - one that would make it more difficult for eligible registered voters across Kansas to participate in the civic process.

Please keep Kansas elections secure, fair, and accessible to all eligible registered voters. 
I respectfully urge you to vote NO on SB209 and, furthermore, oppose any efforts to work SB208. 


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