Test your English (Self-Evaluation)

Test your English (Self-Evaluation)

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We are happy to help you build your communication skills in English. English, being one of the six official languages of the 193-member United Nations, and spoken by about 2 billion people today, is a lingua franca, meaning it is a “bridge” language: When two people who speak different non-English languages meet, very often the common language they use to connect is English. 

The more well-rounded you are in all the modes of English communication, the better equipped you are to thrive personally, socially, and professionally. Regardless of whether you started learning English communication in infancy or much later, being able to use English language skills effectively is a big advantage, especially in the workplace.
This English assessment at SARIKASINGH.IN evaluates your communication skills in English, in just 15 minutes.

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This is a computer-based self-evaluation test and does not involve human intervention for evaluation. It is only meant to indicate if your understanding of English is basic, intermediate or advanced. This test is free to take and does not qualify anyone for a seat in our programs or a personal feedback from the mentors. To enter an existing group with us, you may be required to take a personalized level test.
Enjoy the self- evaluation and keep improving your English!