Returning Client/ Piercings

Please answer all questions and acknowledge all text in this form. All of the information is important. Piercer Von Peri agrees to review all answers before tattooing.

Health and Safety Section

The following section is pertinent to client health and safety, please read carefully before responding.

General Piercing Release Form Information

I acknowledge that obtaining this piercing is my choice alone and will result in a permanent change to my appearance, and that no representation has been made to me as to the ability to restore the skin involved in this piercing to is pre-piercing condition.
I acknowledge infection is always possible as a result of obtaining a piercing. I have received aftercare instructions and agree to follow all of them while my piercing is healing.
I understand that a microdermal (single point piercing) consists of a pierced point of entry but not a point of exit. Specially designed jewelry is inserted into the pierced area and sits below the skin where it becomes anchored.
I understand I will be pierced using appropriate instruments and sterilization.
I understand that unless I specify otherwise, Figure 8 Ink Studios reserves all rights to use any photos of my piercing.
I understand the medical disclaimer that tooth gems are expected to last anywhere between 6 months-several years, without guarantee. It is placed using a semi-permanent dental cement and UV light binder. Gems usually fall off on their own, or can be removed by a dental professional. We do not remove them and we are not responsible for the removal of the gem or any residual cement that may need to be filed off by a dental professional. Figure 8 Ink Studios cautions their clients to research the procedure before commitment, and proceed at your own risk; and although no dental complications are expected, we are not responsible for any related dental work or damage to the teeth of any kind. We use the highest quality gems and equipment, which can be reviewed in depth on
I AFFIRM TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE that I & members of my immediate family (&/or household), are not currently sick with Covid-19 & in the last 30 days: have not been sick, have not been in contact with anyone that is sick, & have not travelled outside of the country. I UNDERSTAND Figure8Ink has put additional protective measures in place in order to further minimize the risk of exposure to any contamination, virus, or pathogen. I also understand it impossible to completely eliminate that risk. I UNDERSTAND I WILL BE TATTOOED using appropriate sterile instruments & aseptic technique. To ensure proper healing of my tattoo/piercing & to prevent contracting any type of infection or illness (including, but not limited to MRSA & COVID-19), I AGREE to stringently follow the aftercare suggestions outlined in the written tattoo aftercare instructions provided to me until the healing process is complete. I UNDERSTAND that a tattoo usually takes 2 weeks or longer to heal. I UNDERSTAND that getting tattooed/pierced does temporarily stress the body and the immune system, which could make me more susceptible to illness & infection. I ACCEPT THIS RISK.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our electronic intake form!