Mindful Self-Compassion for High School Students

Mindful Self-Compassion for High School Students

We are living in a time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. Current events, including the global pandemic, compound the already significant challenges of adolescence, leaving teens even more vulnerable to stress and disconnection.

MSC for Teens (MSC-T) is an empirically supported, 8-session program designed to foster the skills of mindful self-compassion, helping teens to cope more effectively with the concerns of their day-to-day lives--even in extraordinary circumstances.

In this class, students will learn strategies to:

  • calm their minds
  • relax their bodies
  • be less overwhelmed by intense emotions, social comparison and their inner critic
  • motivate themselves with kindness instead of harsh criticism
  • clarify their values and stand up for what matters to them
  • be more present to enjoy the good things in their lives
  • recognize they are not alone in their experiences
  • feel more connected to others.

In preliminary research studies, MSC-T participants experienced many benefits including decreased stress, greater resilience and increased well-being.

Participants of all genders will connect on Zoom to explore concepts and engage in practices that cultivate valuable tools to help them thrive in high school and beyond.

The next session of the course will meet:

  • Thursdays, September 22 through November 10, 7:30-9:00 EDT / 6:30-8:00 CDT (UTC-4)


  • Dr. Kristie Engel, PhD (she/her) - Licensed Psychologist, Certified Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Practitioner & MSC-T Teacher
  • Heather Montague, MS (she/her) - Learning Specialist, Certified Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Practitioner & MSC-T Teacher