Feds in Motion Photo Challenge

Feds in Motion Photo Challenge

  • We love to see Feds in Motion gear, like the shirt, medal, sign, or your bib!
  • Use portrait mode.
  • Send us the highest file and resolution size.
  • Identify individuals in your photo, state, and team (if applicable).
  • To be eligible for drawings, photos are due on the Sunday ending each week by 8 PM PST.
  • Late submissions are always welcome to include in our recaps!

May 1 - 7: Out & About: Use the spectacular scenes in your area as your backdrop.

May 8 - 14: Sweat Squad: Whether your fitness pal is two or four-legged, huddle up and share a smile!

May 15 - 21: Teams: Gather your squad and capture the moment.

May 22 - 28: In Motion: Have a friend capture a photo or video of you moving in your favorite way.

May 29 - June 6: Memories: Share your favorite photo and memory from the Challenge

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  • Jane Doe
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**For video files, please complete this form and then upload your video file via our WeTransfer link.