CEO Protection Quotient (PQ) Assessment

Welcome to the start of your protected CEO achievement and progress journey!

These quick 30 questions cover subjective and objective leadership factors that influence & determine the level of protection you have right now, your Protection Quotient (PQ).

Your PQ score will indicate how protected and supported you are in your leadership role and how likely you'll waver or be diminished, corrupted and prone to poor decisions due to stress, fear, negativity, pressure, incoherences, egos and vices or not.

The assessment will help diagnose and highlight where you are strong, average or vulnerable in yourself, your leadership and with your team, board or investors.

This will enable you to see where you can make adjustments and improvements to have as close to 100% protection while achieving and progressing.

Protection enables you to protect what you create so you can build on it.

Protection is there for you when you're growing on the inside, your intrinsic qualities and values, which then supports you in growing on the outside, your extrinsic qualities and values.

Not growing on the inside usually leads to something being lost on the outside in some way, shape or form, be it financial, clients, relationships or health, ours or others close to us.

Answer as truthfully as possible to get a highly accurate and relevant PQ score that reflects where you're at right now.

All responses are kept in total and complete confidentiality.

Keep a copy of your PQ score, it will be emailed to you, so you can compare it to your PQ score when you take in again in the future.

Yours in protected CEO achievement and progress,


ps In the email you'll also receive a link to the eBook version of:

The Science of Protection: Making High Pressure, Impactful Leadership Decisions that Protect & Enhance You and Everyone