Jennifer Pederson Photography Order Form

$18.00 each Memory Mate
$7.00 each   (3.5") Photo Button
$7.00   each   (2.5"x3.5") Magnet
$5.00   each   Bag Tags
$8.00   each   Keychain (Metal)
$16.00   each   Trader Cards (Set of 12)
$16.00   each   Game Day Tickets (Set of 10)
$11.00   each   Magazine Cover
$8.00   each   Key Trader (Set of 3)
$5.00   each   Wallets (Set of 8)
$4.00   each   4x6 Print of Individual
$4.00   each   4x6 Print of the Team/Group
$5.00   each   5x7 Print of Individual
$5.00   each   5x7 Print of the Team/Group
$7.00   each   8x10 Print of Individual
$7.00   each   8x10 Print of Team/Group
$17.00 Each  10x20 Team Poster (Photo shown is just an example and does not represent the actual poster)
Please enter anything I need to know about your order. For example: If your athlete is wanting a photo button or bag tag etc with a friend, or a sibling(s), this is the spot to tell me! Please NOTE: If you do not indicate in this section that you wanted a friend/buddy/sibling photo and who the friend/buddy/sibling is, the order will be filled the an individual photo of your athlete.
In Case there are questions regarding your order