OGP Local - 2023 Call for Expressions of Interest Form

OGP Local - 2023 Call for Expressions of Interest Form

This expression of interest form must be submitted by January 12, 2024 23:59 Pacific time USA in order to be considered to join the OGP Local 2024 cohort.

The form must be filed by a government entity with the support of non-governmental stakeholders* and it is expected that government and non-governmental stakeholders coordinate prior to its submission.

We suggest you download the off-line form and gather all necessary information before submitting your application through this form.

For details about the call for expression of interest visit the application process page.  

Please note:
- This form must be completed by a government representative.
- Only one form must be submitted per local jurisdiction.
- Please fill out the all the required questions in each sections below.
- Do not forget to upload the letters of support in this form as well.

For any questions on the form or process, please email local@opengovpartnership.org

*OGP traditionally refers to non-governmental stakeholders as civil society. However, local contexts differ and the language used to describe non-governmental stakeholders varies. Examples of non-governmental stakeholders are: civil society organizations, community organizations/groups, citizen councils/groups, citizen-led social movements, local chambers of commerce, universities, youth councils/groups, etc.