Report a Concern

One of South Nation Conservation’s (SNC) principal mandates it to protect people and property from natural hazards. SNC relies on members of the public to assist in identifying and reporting development activities that may be in contravention of the Conservation Authorities Act.

SNC also administers Part 8 of the Building Code for seventeen municipalities in Eastern Ontario and encourages public reporting of potentially failing private septic systems and the installation of septic systems without a permit.

Please describe your observation to the best of your ability and identify the location. SNC staff will assist filling out the form upon request.

Before submitting your concern, please read and acknowledge the following:

No further action is required once you have submitted your report. SNC does not share information concerning the status of reports, inspections or investigations.

SNC staff may contact you for clarification or additional information. SNC may share your report with partner municipalities and other government agencies who have jurisdiction or interest in the matter.

SNC investigates the following concerns: 

·     Development activities (including the placement and removal of fill) in or adjacent to:  
  •  floodplains;
  • unstable slopes;
  • hazardous lands; and
  • Provincially Significant Wetlands
·     Alterations to the existing channels of watercourses;
·     Interference with Provincially Significant Wetlands;
·     Prohibited activities at Conservation Areas or other SNC properties;
·     Failing private septic systems (Building Code Part 8); and   
·     Private septic system installation or alteration without a permit (Building Code Part 8).

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