Report Inquiry Form

The purpose of the Report Inquiry Form is to provide centers and State or Territory Mental Health Agencies a format to communicate about a wide range of needs. Specifically, the following activities are supported by this form: 

Update contact information- add or remove a contact from Vibrant's contact list, report distribution list, or the State/Territory Listserv

Data Variance Analysis and Support-   Data variances between Vibrant’s reports and center data are often unavoidable and expected because there are two different systems looking at the same data, from different perspectives. However, if you are concerned there may be technical or routing concerns related to your center’s data, please follow the brief prompts for this option

Request data -  In addition to automated monthly reports, Vibrant provides a limited set of additional data that can be requested for the purpose of 988 contact planning and implementation.   

Request Vibrant’s Telephony Records - In addition to monthly reports, upon request, Vibrant provides a list of the calls that were sent to a center during the reporting period

Report-related feedback or questions.  

If you do not receive a confirmation response within 5 business days, please email:

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