SplitSpot Rental Application

SplitSpot Rental Application

Please fill out our free, non-obligation application if you're interested in one of our apartments. One application will apply to all of our units.

This is what you'll need to have to fill out our application:

- Personal information about applicant(s)
- Current employment information, including pay-stub or offer letter (please email)
- Co-signer personal information (if necessary)

If you are not a US Citizen or Permanent Resident (i.e. you do not have a SSN), you will additionally need to email in copies of the following documents:

- Acceptance letter from the work/school program that you will be attending.
- Visa/Passport
- Proof of funds. This could be a bank statement, scholarship award letter, or whatever the source of funds is that will be used to pay rent.


Text us: (617) 333-8943

(Numbers only, no formatting, do NOT include a "+" sign)