2023 Kermesse Passport & Ticket Order

Please use this form to order passports, food and raffle tickets.Although you can purchase passports and tickets the day of the Kermesse, to avoid the long lines place your order in advance!
Passports and tickets will be distributed the week before Kermesse. One order form per family.

What is a Passport? A pass for children to participate in the games. You will need one passport per child. Siblings of FASSV students may participate in the games and activities, but will need their own passport.

What is a Food ticket? Currency to buy food, drinks, snacks, and desserts (Ex. most drinks = 1 ticket and food = 2 or 3 tickets)

What is a Raffle ticket? A ticket to participate in the raffle to win one of several raffle baskets.

What is a Passport Bundle? Combination of a passport and food tickets. Most families will be able to make use of the tickets in the Family Passport Bundle.

All fundraising from Kermesse will go directly to support events and activities for our children throughout the school year. Thank you for your support!

Questions? Please contact pta@fassv.org

Payment Method

Payments can be in advance by 

  • Check (made out to FASSV-PTA).
    Due to a change in PayPal fee structures that occurred over the summer, the PTA can no longer accept payments via PayPal without incurring a fee.  However, if for convenience, you would still prefer to pay by PayPal, you may do so provided you are willing to pay the (nominal) associated fee.  Please use the following link:
    https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=V6Q3MERBCZMFN and check the box to cover the fee
    PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT DIRECTLY VIA THE PAYPAL APP.  If you prefer not to pay the additional fee, please submit payment via check. We very much appreciate your cooperation in this matter!