Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir - Virtual Singers

Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir - Virtual Singers

Fill out this form for more information and we will quickly get back to you regarding with what to expect. We can also make sure you are clear with what to select in the check-out process. Use this form to submit your score and other important documents.

File Submission

Submit your score, MIDI file, or explanatory documents.

Accepted formats:

  • .pdf
  • .jpeg
  • .musx
  • .mid
  • .xml
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .pages
  • .mxl
  • .lsn
  • .smpx
  • .bakx

Submit up to 5 files


Use the "Notes" section for anything you want us to take into consideration when recording your music. You may also upload a word document in the "Submit Files" section with any notes or considerations you would like us to keep in mind.

Please include items such as tempo, tempo alterations, explanation of non-traditional techniques, translations, transliterations (if not in Latin alphabet), and pronunciation guide (for anything not in typical American English, please let us know. We are experienced in singing in everything from Latin to French, Japanese, Xhosa, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic and more -- but we are not experts in most of these languages, so the more you can assist the more correctly we can make sure we sing your music).

Would you like to give Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir permission to promote your piece on our social media? This will be through short clips, full recordings, images of score (no more than 20% of the score).

If you selected "Yes" to any of the above, we will reach out for more information before we promote you or your work.


What's next?

After we receive your submission we will review it and contact you as soon as possible.

If you know exactly what you want you are welcome to proceed to our Shop and check out. Remember to add your name or the name of your composition to the customization box. We will contact you to let you know that we have started recording your music.

If you are ready to place your order please visit our shop by clicking this link.

If you are unsure about any factors of your music (what length to choose, how many parts, added instruments, what kind of choir, etc.), after we review this from we will contact you after we review this form with exactly what to select in the check out process.

We try to respond rather quickly (within 1-2 business days). Please make sure to check your "junk" and "spam" folders if you haven't received an email by then!

DISCLAIMER: Please keep in mind that like a non-virtual choir, our demo recordings are final and we cannot be reasonably expected to change anything failed to mention in correspondence or on the score. In order to keep your costs down our demo performances are not open to feedback and edits. We commit to fixing any error that was our fault.

Thank you for your interest in Rocky Mountain Chamber Choir - Virtual Singers! We look forward to singing your music!

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