2024 Educational Scholarship Application

2024 Educational Scholarship Application


1. Applicants agree to be added to the mailing list of the Alpha-1 Foundation (A1F), which is confidential and never shared with outside organizations, and receive occasional A1F mailings. Please click the link below and submit, then return to this form. [Subscribe to Alpha-1 Foundation](https://alpha1.org/subscribe/)

2. Recipients agree to have their picture and short bio published in the Alpha-1-to-One Magazine for that scholarship year and other potential A1F publications, including the A1F website.

3. Recipients agree to participate in potential follow up discussions and/or meetings regarding the Alpha-1 community and involvement opportunities with A1F.

4. Recipients may be asked to participate in future A1F program and/or planning committees.

5. Recipients may be asked to raise awareness for Alpha-1 by sharing A1F social media content.

6. Deadline: Applications must be submitted by **April 1, 2024** to be considered.

Scholarship Application Uploads

Your application MUST include the following to be considered:

1. Completed Alpha-1 Educational Scholarship application.

2. Upload a copy of the applicant’s ACT/SAT scores (If not taken, please explain). 

3. Upload most recent high school transcripts for incoming freshmen or college transcripts for continuing students.

4. Documentation of applicant’s high school or college GPA [if it is included on most recent transcripts, it is acceptable].

5. A 500-word essay explaining the lessons you have learned from Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency (Alpha-1) and how it has impacted you as an individual.

6. High resolution headshot [in jpeg form].