Dade County FC Semi-Pro Player Acceptance Letter - Spring 2024

Dade County FC Semi-Pro Player Acceptance Letter - Spring 2024

Dear Player,

We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to join the Dade County Football Club (D.C.F.C.) roster. Your selection enables you to participate in organized competitions as a representative of D.C.F.C. Please be aware that the allocation of game and practice opportunities is merit-based and at the full discretion of our coaching staff.

**Terms and Conditions of Participation**
Your acceptance into DCFC comes with certain responsibilities and expectations, outlined as follows:

1. Acceptance of Terms: Your participation is contingent upon your adherence to the club's terms and conditions.
2. Registration and Membership Payments:
    * Registration Fee: Immediate payment of the registration fee is required within 48 hours of this acceptance. This fee is essential for DCFC registration and covers mandatory charges as outlined by the league and governing bodies and all of your personal game and practice kits. It is important to note that this fee is non-refundable and does not guarantee playing time, selection for game or practice rosters, or participation in club events.
    * Player Membership Fee: This fee supports your ongoing participation in the club, including practices and games. It is payable in advance, with deductions made at the end of each month. You may cancel your membership at any time each month, with the ability to continue attending practices and games until the month concludes.
3. Season Commitment: By accepting this position and fulfilling payment obligations, you commit to the upcoming season, inclusive of all games and practices. The coaching staff reserves the right to remove any player from the roster for reasons such as consistent unexplained absences or lack of communication.
4. Rules and Professional Conduct: As a DCFC player, you are expected to:
    * Attend and be punctual for all training sessions, games, and club events.
    * Wear official DCFC attire to all club events, unless instructed otherwise.
    * Refrain from participating in other organized teams or clubs without explicit permission from our coaching staff.
    * Maintain professionalism, a positive attitude, and respect towards all participants and officials.
5. League Informed Consent: Participation acknowledges the inherent risks of soccer, including potential serious injury. You agree to abide by the rules of DCFC and its affiliates, with any incurred penalties or fines being your responsibility.
6. Likeness Clause: You grant DCFC the right to use your name, photograph, likeness, voice, and biographical information for promotional purposes across various media formats.

Procedure for Acceptance:

* Sign and return the attached form.
* Upload a copy of your identification (ID, Driver’s License, Green Card, or Passport).
* Submit the required payments within the specified deadline.

Please be aware that DCFC reserves the right to terminate this agreement without notice.
We look forward to a successful and rewarding season with you as a key member of the Dade County Football Club. Welcome aboard!

Warm Regards,
Joe Rotbart
President, Dade County Football Club


For those individuals under the age of eighteen (18) years (minor)

As the parent and natural guardian or legal guardian of the participant, I hereby agree to the foregoing Player Acceptance Letter and Accept for, and on behalf of, the participant (player/minor) named above. I hereby bind myself, the minor, and all other assigns to the terms of the Player Acceptance Letter. I represent and certify that I have the legal capacity and the authority to act for, and on behalf of, the minor in the execution of this Player Acceptance Letter.

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