2023 SOF AT&L PEO 1-on-1 Meeting Slot Applications

Here's your chance to have a 15 minute meeting with the leadership of the SOF AT&L Program Executive Offices (PEO). This is a unique opportunity to directly present your capabilities to these key decision-makers. To learn more about the PEOs, click here.

PEO 1-on-1 Meetings will be held in select slots throughout SOF Week 2023 in PEO Row, on the Lower Level of the Tampa Convention Center.

LIMITED SPACES ARE AVAILABLE. PEOs will review all of the received applications and select who will receive these 15-minute spaces.

Applications will only be accepted until Friday, 31 MAR at 1700 EST. Any applications received after that date will not be considered.

Companies will be notified of their selection status in April.

Only one PEO may be requested per application.

Please ensure that your white paper includes information the TRL / MRL.