2023 GSOF Europe G-CAS Application

2023 GSOF Europe G-CAS Application

Selected companies will be assigned a 20 minute presentation slot in the G-CAS Theater in Brno, Czech Republic, in OCT 2023.

Completion of the application DOES NOT imply your organization will receive a presentation slot; it is an application for consideration.  The selection process will be determined based on U.S. and Allied SOF evaluation criteria.

The application requires uploads of a Quad Slide and White Paper (examples of both embedded in the application form).  ONLY GSOF and relevant Allied SOF/MoD representatives will view and process submissions, however NO proprietary information should be included in the submission.

**Basis for selection to present:**

1. Relevance to U.S. and Allied Special Operations priorities.
2. Relevance and adaptability to operations/missions.
3. Extent to which the technology represents a capability increase to U.S. and Allied SOF.

The window to apply will close on 30 SEP 2023 at 1700 EDT. No applications submitted after that date will be considered.

For questions, please contact Mr. Dave Hubler at dhubler@gsof.org

<strong>Link</strong>: [[\\[Quad Chart Template in PPT\](https://cdn.asp.events/CLIENT_GSOF_827E1C71_BAE1_2174_5647BE1BC260DB9E/sites/sof-week-2023/media/SOF-Week-Innovation-Theater-Quad-Slide-Template.pptx)]  Click to download an editable copy.

Link: [An example of an appropriate white paper can be seen here.] This paper should be brief but information. Photos and diagrams may be included.