Thematic Session Proposal Form

Thematic Session Proposal Form

Deadline for thematic session proposal submission : May 28, 2023.

You (organizer) will be asked to provide the following information:
1. Your email address, name, affiliation
2. Title of session
3. Presenters' names, affiliations
4. Submission of proposal (PDF format is preferable. Max size limit of 10MB)

Please provide below the same email address of organizer as the one registered in the registration form.

1. Organizer

3. Presenter 1

Presenter 2

Presenter 3

Presenter 4 (if applicable)

Presenter 5 (if applicable)

4. Submission

The organizer must apply with max 2 pages of a written proposal and describe its title, organizer, chairperson, presenters, discussants, and an outline of the proposed session. Please note that the organizer should inform the presenters, and discussants of any notices from the program committee. PDF file is preferable  (max size limit of 10MB), while Word document is acceptable.

* Please name the file as follows:


    (e.g.  Lee_Soocheol.pdf)

Please ask all presenters to submit their abstracts individually at the Abstract Submission form by May 15.